ETHSTK Presale Address


Just follow this simple guide to participate in liquidity providing event:
  • Send ETH to this address 0x7d6329cfbe2ee64ad5a6616e92b7907c61fa14e2 or scan QR
  • Wait until presale phase ends or next announcement is made
  • After that, we will send back $ETHSTK to your ETH address
  • If you have some question contact us, read our Medium post. Telegram Account : @ETHSTKMarketing or @ETHSTKSupport
  • Hold below 40 ETHSTK, Get $50 uETH
  • Hold above 50 ETHSTK, Get $1000 worth of uETH
  • Or you want contact us via Email :
  • ETH 2.0 peer to peer Staking Click here

ETHSTK Presale Phase

Only 1 Round of Presale is available
Presale Supply : 30,000 ETHSTK
1 ETHSTK Price : 0.02 ETH
Minimum Buy : 1 ETHSTK / 0.02 ETH
Maximum Buy : 2500 ETHSTK / 50 ETH
Important Note :
  • Once the allocated 30.25% (30000 ETHSTK ) for Pre-sale has been sold out Or the event ends, we will distribute the tokens the next day and list immediately at the price of 1 ETHSTK = 0.05 ETH on all supported exchanges.
  • uETH total Etherscan snapshot will be completed on December 24th.
  • Hold below 100 ETHSTK, Get $2000 uETH
  • Distribution of uETH will be on-going for a week, starting on 25th December 2020
  • uETH sent to wallet on 26th December 2020 won't receive uETH token.
  • ETHSTK Tokens will be sent to the address you used on sending Ethereum (Make purchases) from it
  • Don't send ETH from an Exchange account