ETHSTK is built by the DeFi Technology team, to provide the best user experience and highest level of safety, combined with an attractive reward mechanism and instant staking liquidity through a bond-like synthetic token called uETH.

Peer to Peer(Micropool)

Stake from as little as 0.1 ETH and as much as 1,000 ETH, to automatically join other stakers in a decentralized peer to peer micropools!

Staking Manager

Send all of your ETH in one transaction and ETHSTK will automatically allocate your funds to the best pools.

Staking Liquidity

With uETH, you can hold or trade your staked assets at any time, without having to wait until transactions are enabled on Ethereum 2.0.


Keep your funds under your own custody, to always remain in full control of your assets.

roles in the ETHSTK system

01 - Staker

Stakers can stake any amount of ETH tokens (minimum 0.1 ETH) to earn staking rewards and platform fees. The staked ETH will immediately be liquid in the form of uETH, which users can use to trade or participate in DeFi. 
Stakers can stake ETHSTK in addition to their ETH stake to increase rewards from platform fees.

uETH Contract

02 - Node Provider

Node providers will be running Ethereum 2.0 nodes either on their own hardware or using the ETHSTK platform, to earn from the staking rewards and platform fees. 
Anyone can be a node provider with our easy to use tools and earn platform fees, you need to set up an Ethereum 2.0 node.

03 - Governance

Governance will ensure the long term sustainability of the platform. A substantial stake of ETHSTK tokens is necessary to become part of the ETHSTK governance board (a governor does not necessary need to be a node provider).

ETHSTK Presale Address


Just follow this simple guide to also participate in peer to peer ETH2.0 staking:
  • Send ETH to this address 0x50aF80b298502037226B691B07C8C281e0502180 or scan QR
  • Wait until presale phase ends or contract announcement is made
  • After that, those who locked their asset will be moved to ETH2.0
  • $1000 in uETH Rewards are automatically distributed to users wallet.
  • If you have some question contact us, read our Medium post. Telegram Account : @ETHSTKMarketing or @ETHSTKSupport
  • Or you want contact us via Email : admin@ethstk.com
Locked ETH2.0 Yield

Total Staked ETH - Yearly Earnings

0.1 ETH - 0.009 ETH
0.5 ETH - 0.06 ETH
1 ETH - 0.13 ETH
5 ETH - 0.66 ETH
10 ETH - 1.4 ETH
20 ETH - 2.9 ETH
30 ETH - 4.2 ETH
50 ETH - 6.7 ETH
Ethereum Stake Finance ETHSTK App

Download Mobile App Soon

ETHSTK Finance mobile application will be built to make it as easy as possible to use all Staking and DeFi features.


Frequently Asked Questions

ETHSTK is a decentralized protocol and platform that combines staking and DeFi to remove entry barriers and democratize staking for everyone.
Yes! To democratize access to Ethereum 2.0 for users who are unable to invest 32 ETH (the fixed amount required by the network), ETHSTK introduces Micropools – a proprietary solution that enables you to start staking with as little as 0.1 ETH. Simply choose the amount you want to delegate, and the system will automatically assign it to the best providers.
The Peer to Peer mechanism is our unique solution for breaking down the economic barriers for Ethereum 2.0 staking. As the name implies, Micropools allow users to chip in smaller portions of ETH towards a Validator, and receive a proportionate reward based on their contribution.
No – ETHSTK effectively tackles the illiquidity issue of Ethereum 2.0 by introducing uETH and other synthetic assets that will enable you to sell your stake at any point in time..
Despite that Ethereum 2.0 only enables you to stake multiples of 32 ETH, with ETHSTK you can stake all your tokens at once, without having to allocate them to multiple nodes. This means you can even stake 1,000 ETH in just one click!
To become a provider in ETHSTK and earn platform fees, you need to set up an Ethereum 2.0 node with a minimum “insurance” stake of 2 ETH to compensate users in case of slashing events.
No, stakers can also increase their reward rate through staking ETHSTK also through governance voting, thereby increasing sustainability. Apart from staked yearly earnings stakers also holds uETH/ETHSTK which also holds value.
The ETHSTK protocol introduces a new utility for ETHSTK, the native ERC-20 token of ETHSTK platform. Providers can stake ETHSTK token as an insurance fund and increase their reward rate. In addition to that, ETH stakers can stake ETHSTK tokens to increase their staking rewards from the platform fees!